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Conestoga SamsThe Conestoga Chapter of the New Mexico Good Sam Organization is based in Portales but we have members from several towns in Roosevelt County. We were chartered in 1980 and have had some wonderful times over the years. Although our membership is smaller at this time we still have good times.. Some of our members are retired; others still work full or part time. Our schedule is flexible to include everyone in our activities. We enjoy having fun, good food, games and fellowship.  Along with our campouts we have a monthly intown meeting with food, games and business meeting.  The ladies have a coffee the first Monday of each month.. We are continually adding new games to our collection... By combining with other chapters we have had several memorable campouts in our immediate vicinity.


The Conestoga’s have the opportunity to serve donuts and coffee at the Samboree’s this gives us a super opportunity to visit with people from all the chapters. We give a monetary gift to the Dogs for the Deaf at the Fall Samborees as well as support other charitiable organization.


Our dues are $12.00 per year this includes the New Mexico Good Sam state dues. We encourage you to visit our intown or campout meetings to see what we are all about.  For more information email our

 president,Laverne Scheller - 575-273-4371

V-President Duane Lee 575-356-8063

Secretary Lee Dottie575-356-8063




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